Pneumococcal meningitis at 33

Pneumococcal meningitis

I was diagnosed with pneumococcal meningitis on the 3rd January 2012. Four months later I am still suffering with headaches, dizzy spells, tiredness, I lost 80% of my hearing and also had a severe head injury from falling over, although I can't remember falling. I remember being sick but have no visual memory, only thoughts. I remember thinking "I am being sick because I have concussion" but I can't remember why I had concussion.

I was found alone in my flat by my girlfriend. She wasn't due to visit that day and as I had stopped answering her text messages at 8o'clock the previous night, she thought I had fallen out with her. My neighbour helped her break in after she looked through the window and saw me lying on the floor. If she wasn't worried about me that day, I wouldn't be here writing this story.

I spent 16 days in hospital and since I have been discharged I have had no follow up appointments at the hospital. I have been to my GP many times to complain of dizzy spells, headaches, severe back pain, balance problems but they just don't seem interested. They gave me an ECG and a chest X-ray which both came back clear. I also keep asking them for proof of my diagnosis so that I can get help but they have not provided anything yet.

I have also applied for disability living allowance (which has been refused after a four month wait for a decision) as I have problems with my mobility because of my balance due to hearing loss. My girlfriend has to check on me regularly to make sure I am OK due to memory problems and I have had to move in with her so that she can care for me.

I feel completely let down by the NHS and the government and I am getting extremely depressed. I have a four month old baby boy who was four weeks when I was admitted to hospital. I can't hear him cry at night, I can't make his bottles as I forget how many spoons of formula I have used. The fire alarm went off in the flats (not our alarm but it sets off the hallway alarm to alert everyone in the flats) and I couldn't hear it at all. We are on the top floor.

I used to be reasonably fit, now I can't walk to the shops and back without sweating and being out of breath. We live on the top floor and climbing all the stairs really tires me out, makes me sweaty and out of breath.

Horrible but I do feel quite lucky really as other people have suffered much more than me due to this terrible infection.

The picture is of my baby boy who was 4weeks old when I was admitted to hospital, and one of me showing where I had fallen, although I don't remember falling.

APRIL 2012