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George Stanley Moore

December 2012 - October 2013

Baby George was just 10 months old when he died from meningitis – the disease which kills more children under five in the UK and Ireland than any other infection.His mum and dad, Emma and Richard, are determined more families shouldn’t suffer their loss, or see their loved ones disabled by the disease which is why they support our fundraising for vital research to fight this deadly disease.

We are working hard to ensure children like George, wherever they are, are spared from this deadly disease.

One way of making a lasting and significant impact is to remember us in your will. You can:
  • Specify a fixed amount of money to be left as a gift (pecuniary legacy)
  • Leave an item such as jewellery or shares in a property (specific legacy)
  • Leave what remains of your estate to the charity once all your other bequests have been made (residuary legacy)

And all legacies received by the charity are free from inheritance tax which means your loved ones will have less tax to pay.

Making a will

Making a will is not as complicated or expensive as many of us imagine.

Many banks and building societies offer a will writing service and your family or local solicitor will also be able to help.

The important thing to remember is clarity. You need to express your legacy to Meningitis Research Foundation clearly and quote the charity numbers.:

Meningitis Research Foundation, a charity registered in England and Wales no 1091105, in Scotland no SC037586, & in Ireland 20034368.

We are not authorised to give financial advice but we are happy to answer questions about how your legacy would be used and share some of the many personal experiences we have gathered over very many years. Simply telephone our Bristol office on 01454 281811 or email us

We appreciate you looking at this page and considering making a bequest. We understand it will be very many years before we hear from your estate, but if you do include us in your arrangements please let us know by email so we can keep a record.

Dante Louis Sawyer
Meningococcal disease
Meningococcal disease at 14

Our hope is that no other parent would have to go through this.

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