MRF Kili Superheroes Assemble

Last year we sent the call out for Superheroes to come with us in October 2017 to conquer one of the seven wonders of the natural world - Kilimanjaro - to raise awareness and funds for our joint battle against meningitis and septicaemia.

Here are some of our team who have answered the call:

Ragubir and Parveen Hargun

Hi everyone,

As you may know me and my daughter are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Oct 2017.

We are doing this in memory of our beloved Paawan Purba.

Paawan sadly passed away last year at the tender age of 20 due to a rare strain of meningitis - meningococcal group W (MenW) meningitis, most people don't even know this strain exists.

We are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and raising money for Meningitis Research Foundation to be able to raise awareness and funds for research to be done to ensure that any other families don't have to go through the heartbreak and devastation that this can cause and be prevented by a simple vaccination.

Personally, I have felt that losing Paawan has taught me that you have to live life to the fullest and to quote Paawan 'live life, love life'

"... losing Paawan has taught me that you have to live life to the fullest"

For such a young girl it was amazing to see how many lives she touched through pure happiness and joy and her infectious laugh.

If anything I've been living life just to live not to love every moment of this, so one of the greatest challenges I am going to face is going to be this but I am going to do it with optimism and really appreciate the views I will see, the sense of achievement afterwards and really do it with a joyful perspective and yes it will be extremely hard but once it has been done I can happily say I did it to 'live life, love life'

Please donate and share, no matter what amount it will really help and mean alot. We will also be holding some events through the year and be setting up a page for some products we will be creating.

Carly Molyneux

Hello everyone!

I'm very excited to be taking part on this Kilimanjaro Trek!!

I want to do this in memory of my Cousin Jayden Lee Conway who sadly passed away aged 8 Months from this horrible disease! 

MRF do great work ! I want to help in any way I can! Let's raise lots of money and have a great adventure along the way! 

"Let's raise lots of money and have a great adventure along the way!"

Bucket list challenge 1 for me! 

👍🏻Looking forward to meeting the rest of the team X.

Wayne and Laura Cowley

Hi I’m Laura Cowley, aged 38 and I live with my husband Wayne, 33, in Banbury Oxfordshire.

Eleven years ago I lost my 6 month old daughter Mia to meningitis in just over 4 hours my whole world was destroyed!

I have been a supporter of meningitis research foundation since that time just hoping to spread awareness of just how cruel this nasty disease is!

Last year my baby girl would have turned 10 and I wanted to mark her birthday with a promise to do all I can to raise money/spread awareness and keep her memory alive.
In the past year Wayne and I have held fun days and are set to climb Snowdon in April but we needed something bigger!

I came across the Kilimanjaro challenge on the MRF page and straight away my eyes lit up.

"... my husband gladly put his self forward!"

Unfortunately due to health issues I knew I wouldn't be able to take this on so my husband gladly put his self forward!

He is really excited about the climb and can't wait to meet all the lovely people in the group, to be part of such an exciting event is one thing but raising money/awareness that may just help save lives is truly amazing xx

Ian Beningfield

I'm Ian, Head of Fundraising at MRF, but, more importantly, I'll be on the trip with you and everyone else come October.

"...feel free to ask any questions about fundraising, kit, training or anything else"

I've been with MRF in various fundraising roles for over 10 years and I've climbed Kili twice before (that's me in the shades and orange top in the picture above), so feel free to ask any questions about fundraising, kit, training or anything else you can think of.

0333 405 6263

There's still time to become an MRF Kili Superhero

Come on! Let's have an adventure together!


"Seeing the Savannahs in this unspoilt, breathtaking country has been the best thing I have ever achieved" - Christine Etheridge, MRF Ambassador

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