Childhood Amputee Day 2013 - Pushing the Boundaries

Pushing the Boundaries - Life Beyond Childhood Limb Loss Due to Septicaemia was Meningitis Research Foundation's first childhood amputee day and took place in Liverpool at Alder Hey Hospital and the Alder Sports Centre on May 31 2013.

Parents, carers and children took inspiration from the morning's presentations as disability sports expert and practitioner Steve Johnson and our very own paralympian wheelchair rugby star Aaron Phipps shared their personal stories. Consultant in Rehabilitation medicine Dr Fergus Jepson then emphasised the practical nature of the day with a talk on the type of limbs available on the NHS.

While the children joined Steve and the rest of Everton FC's community team for activities, parents moved to the Institute of Child Health Lecture Theatre at Alder Hey for a series of expert presentations and discussions. We present four of the key presentations and the video from the afternoon's events at the Theatre.

Advancements in Prosthetics - Dr Fergus Jepson, Consultant in Amputee Rehabilitation

After effects of bacterial meningitis and septicaemia: How and why? - Andrew Riordan, Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology


Orthopaedic complications - Fergal Monsell, Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

Psychological effects - Natalie Holman, Clinical Psychologist

Issues around entitlement to care and support - Richard Copson, Head of Disability Rights and Public Law, Pannone

The video

Many thanks to the day's sponsors and exhibitors

We appreciate:

  • Steve Johnson and all at Everton FC's Community Team for entertaining and inspiring the kids
  • Andy Skinner and Robert Eagleton for the photos
  • Stephen Fitzsimmons from Alder Sports Club for the venue
  • Members Linda Roberts and Kathleen Hawkins for their inspiration and support
  • A wonderful range of health professional for their answers to questions - Orthopaedic Surgeon Naomi Davies, Physiotherapists Joanne Moore and Natalie Murphy, Occupational Therapist Alison Tidswell, Nurses Ann Edwards and Ann Maguire, Physiotherapist Lynn Hirst, Specialist in Burns and Plastic Surgery Cathy Raraty and Clinical Psychologist Emily Wilson
  • All our speakers - Steven Johnson, Fergus Jepson, Aaron Phipps, Andrew Riordan, Sian Falder, Fergal Monsell, Natalie Holman and Richard Copson

Fergus Jepson

See Andrew's presentation on the video at 0:01:37

See Fergal's presentation on the video at 0:46:50

See Natalie's presentation on the video at 1:07:40

See Richard's presentation on the video at 1:29:57

The video

  • Introduction - Linda Glennie @ 0:00:00 - 0:01:37
  • After effects of bacterial meningitis and septicaemia: How and Why - Andrew Riordan @ 0:01:37 - 0:21:06
  • Long term management of scarring, Infections and contractures - Sian Falder  Ann Edwards, Anne Maguire @ 0:21:06 - 0:46:50
  • Orthopaedic complications - Fergal Monsell @ 0:46:50 - 1:07:40
  • Psychological effects - Natalie Holman @  1:07:40 - 1:29:57
  • Issues around entitlement to care and support - Richard Copson @ 1:29:57 - 1:49:32
  • Panel discussion - Chaired by Sian Falder @ 1:49:32