Remembrance funds

An MRF Remembrance Fund is a unique and personal way of remembering someone special who has died as a result of meningitis and septicaemia.

Set up in the name of your loved one, a Remembrance Fund give your family and friends a focal point to support MRF in helping to prevent these dreadful diseases.

Your Remembrance Fund will help MRF fund research into the prevention, detection and treatment of meningitis and septicaemia, raise awareness of the diseases throughout the world and support those who have already been affected.

Creating a new Remembrance Fund


Once your Remembrance Page is set up, visiting the page will allow your family and friends to donate to the fund easily and effortlessly. 

On making their donation people will be able to post their own messages about your loved one.

We remember

Lynsey Croasdell

Aged 32

"She heartbreakingly leaves behind two young sons."

Lynsey's story

Caitlin Baker

Aged 16

"In Caitlin’s short years she has touched the lives and hearts of many and really made a difference, we are so immensely proud."

Catilin's story

Harry Mills

Aged 11

"Harry's short life was extinguished in a single day by this terrible disease"

Harry's story

Maya Ford

Aged 21 months

"She was our world, our life, our everything and she was taken from us in just 16 hours."

Maya's story

Ryan Sweatman

Aged 19

"The most lovable, caring person"

Ryan's story

Felix Byam Shaw

Aged 14

"We are truly lucky to have known him"

Felix' story

Jaxon Roy Kelly

Aged 2 years and four months

"He was the centre of everybody’s life"

Jaxon's story

Natalie Scott

Aged 17

"We miss you dreadfully and cannot imagine the future without you."

Natalie's story

Pawaan Purba

Aged 20

"Paawan, letting you go is the hardest thing we will ever have to do."

Paawan's story

Leo James Good

Aged 2 years and 9 months

"Now our wonderful wee boy is gone forever and we are unable to contemplate life without him"

Leo's story

Alex Patterson

Aged 11 months

"We feel privileged to have had him in our lives."

Alex' story

Laura Brown

Aged 45

"We were about to start the next chapter of our lives, moving into a new house together and planning marriage when Laura was so cruelly taken."

Laura's story

Dan Barlow

Aged 37

"Always with us through the power of music"

Dan's story

Adam Tolfree

Aged 16

"In memory of our wonderful son Adam. Forever in our hearts. "

Adam's story

Jayden Nel

Aged 3

"Our precious little boy taken from us too soon."

Jayden's story

Alexis Rose Dlugolecka

Aged 19 months

"This is the terrible thing about meningitis - it kills so quickly and often there is little warning."

Alexis Rose's story

James Lam

Aged 28

"No words can describe the loss of the perfect son, brother, boyfriend and friend. "

James' story

Alfie Baucutt

Aged 2 weeks

"He was only 2 weeks old and had septicaemia"

Alfie's story

Eira Ann Pomeroy

Aged 2

"She was the kind of person everyone will remember"

Eira's story

Gaylord Howlett

Aged 44

"We feel privileged to have had him in our lives."

Gaylord's story

Calum Macleod

Aged 13

"How could this happen to Calum our bright shining intelligent boy?"

Calum's story

Chloe Short

Aged 13

"It is now your mum’s time with you in heaven"

Chloe's story

Eric Higgins

Aged 58

"A wonderful husband, dad and granddad"

Eric's story

Lola Ella Melia Duncalf

Aged 10 months

"She was just too special for this world"

Lola's story

George Stanley Moore

Aged 10 months

"You were so perfect to us all in every single way, I feel so truly blessed to have had you in our lives for those short, but incredible, 10 months"

George's story

Andrew Martin (Andy Pandy)

Aged 2

"Heaven has gained one special, handsome and amazing angel"

Andrew's story

Edward Saunders

Aged 24

"In memory of our beautiful son Edward"

Edward's story

Hollie Nelson

Aged 24

"My Beautiful daughter Hollie I can't believe your gone, only 24, my only child"

Hollie's story

Evan Summerfield

Aged 4 months

"Evan has touched so many people’s hearts with his story"

Evan's story

Mark Thompson

Aged 17

"Mark was there one day and 24 hours later we was told he was brain dead."

Mark's story

Lauren Downey

Aged 20

"She had so much left to live and we would like to try and help support the fight against this deadly disease"

Lauren's story

Joshua Hawley

Aged 7

"Love and miss you always and forever Josh "

Josh's story

Samuel Guilfoyle

Aged 2

The life of Samuel James Guilfoyle

Samuel's story

Megan Tracey

Aged 2 years

"Our little angel who was taken too soon."

Megan's story

Maddison Shepherd-Briggs

Aged 4 weeks

"She was our special little angel"

Maddison's story

Sharon Allan

Aged 57

"The hole you have left in our lives can never be filled"

Sharon's story

Aslam 'Cookie' Mumtaz

Aged 70

"After a long time in and out of hospitals, we discovered he had septicaemia, they gave him only a couple of days to live."

Cookie's story

Indi Aytan

Aged 36

"Indi, thank you, for being part of our lives and giving us so many happy and special memories, that we will forever cherish."

Indi's story

Christina Bentley

Aged 57

"Meningitis stole my dad’s wife, my mother, my children's Granmar, my grandad’s daughter and my uncle’s sister.."

Christina's story

Tarsem Banns

Aged 67

"It was a very untimely parting which has devastated us."

Tarsem's story

Baby James Walter Sefton

Born asleep

"He is our special little baby Angel that saved his mummy's life"

Baby James's story

Daniel Halford

Aged 18

"A huge gap has been left in our lives"

Daniel's story

Michelle Nicholson

Aged 13

"We think of everything she could have been every single day"

Michelle's story

Lynda Lynch

Aged 50

"She has left such a void in all of our lives"

Lynda's story

Michael Fisher

Aged 62

"My dad - Loving, fun, chatty, kind and caring"

Michael's story

Callum Towne

Aged 5 weeks

"Forever loved and missed"

Callum's story

Ty'Niajah Devonshire

Aged 16

"We now hold on to her memories and will never forget"

Ty'Niajah's story

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